Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Carpet Cleaning Company


When I left college, my main objective was to start my own carpet cleaning business. I chose carpet cleaning because it’s among the most popular businesses to start in Dublin, Ireland. Many people have dirty carpets in their homes. This is the main reason why carpet cleaning services are in huge demand here in Dublin. In order to succeed in this business as a novice, you need to know the common mistakes many beginners make and how to avoid them. Keep reading to prevent any problems at a later stage in your career.

Starting Without a Plan

You require more than willingness and high energy to work for long hours. I began by formulating a mission statement. This became my company’s road-map; laying down the company’s general purpose, goals and focus. It’s equally important to study your industry, market and competition. A clear understanding of what you’re up against and what you wish to achieve will surely put the odds of success right in your court.


Not Spreading The Good News

As a business owner who understands how to start a carpet cleaning company, I can tell you for free that promotions are very important, more so for grand openings. Spreading awareness before opening a carpet cleaning company is the best way to attract clients. Plus, make you regularly run promotions every year for you carpet cleaning company. There are many different types of promotions you can run so as to attract clients.

Not Practicing Giving Estimates

Just like in music, sports or any other process of learning, practice makes perfect. I was able to improve my skills quickly by practicing giving estimates for my cleaning business. You can practice role playing at a friend’s house or a family member’s place. Knock on their door or ring the bell. Introduce yourself and wait to be invited in their homes or offices. Ask questions about their needs and be sure to take down notes as they answer. Also, write down your impression of the state of their room. Note things like, how cluttered the space is, how much furniture is in every room, does the room have antiques or other items that need to be treated with utmost care? One client whom I cleaned a carpet for had a grand piano in her living area. Plus she had an extensive antique glass-bottle collection. Get prepared. Each client you do an estimate for is totally different, and their possessions vary greatly. As you practice, keep your eyes wide open. Practice giving out estimates so that you’re more comfortable and self confident. This way you’ll get even more jobs.

Not attempting to up-sell

This may sound like common sense to a lot of people but you may have not even thought about this at all. Whoever said that carpet washing has to be the only service your company should provide? You can easily add something simple like oven cleaning to your service arsenal. This means that when someone does order a carpet cleaning service from you, there is nothing stoping you from offering them an oven clean out while you are at it too! You just need to build a simple service sales page, something very simple will do perfectly. I used to sell my oven cleaning services with this page: http://www.needtoclean.ie/oven-cleaning-dublin

Not Investing Enough Capital Back Into The Business

A few days ago, a young entrepreneur who wanted to hire me as a consultant sent me an email. He said that his carpet cleaning company had reached a plateau stage and he required expert help. I gave him an advice that helped him see the business from a different angle. I gave him these strategies to grow his business:

· Buy a much better technology your competitors

· Consult an industry consultant to assist you. This makes short the cleaning curve

· Improve your marketing efforts

Equipment is just a single component, there’s also human capital aspect to be considered. When you hire a worker or a consultant at the appropriate time, your presence in the market can be catapulted significantly.


A carpet cleaning business in Dublin can be very rewarding, profitable and flexible. Start-up costs are extremely low, demand for carpet cleaning service is ever increasing, and profit margins soaring. But only if you get to know the common mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make and learn to navigate through them.